Five reasons to install charge points at your business

The world is changing fast and there is no doubt that the future is electric. With more and more EV drivers on the road and with the government committed to zero emissions by 2050, a successful and well-supported charge point infrastructure is vital for the UK. As a business owner you can be part of this change and reap financial benefits. Why not take advantage of this change, install EV charge points and literally drive customers to your business.

An EV charge point can literally put your business on the map. Zap-Map is a UK-wide map of charging points and aims to help EV drivers locate and navigate to available charge points. Make stopping at your hotel or restaurant be a part of their journey.

Attract customers to your business

For many years high street shops and even larger department stores and supermarkets have lost out to the online shopping trend. EV charge points in your business car park will automatically bring customers to your door. The average top-up charging time for a car, according to Tesco, takes the same amount of time as doing your weekly shop in the supermarket. With about an hour of free time, customers will be at liberty to browse, eat and drink at leisure. 

get on the zapp map EV charging
Get your business on the map

An EV charge point can easily put your business ‘on the map’. Zap-map allows the public to search for EV charge points. Zap-Map is a Uk wide map of available EV charging points and aims to help drivers locate the most convenient charge point. The map provides detailed information on each individual charge point. A charge point in your car park will indirectly advertise your business and drive customers in your direction. 

Be part of the green future.

The future is green and it is important for any self-aware, successful business to be a part of this sustainable future. CSR policies are incredibly important in 2022. As we step into a zero-emissions future an absence of EV facilities at your company may result in an erosion of brand trust. 

Benefits for your employees.

Gain a competitive advantage by getting ahead and installing EV charge points for your employees and customers. The Government has introduced tax cuts for employees using corporate EVs for personal use – an attractive proposition to retain employees. At present, there is a substantial reduction in Benefit-in-kind tax for electric company cars. BIK is currently set at 2%, making the use of electric vehicles quite compelling. 

A remote business will gain added attraction.

As the country turns to renewable energy to power vehicles, it would certainly be an added bonus for remote holiday cottages and small, out of the way hotels to provide an EV charging solution. 

Meel Group are here to help you incorporate EV charge points into your business.

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Five reasons to install charge points at your business

An EV charge point can literally put your business on the map. Zap-Map is a UK-wide map of charging points and a

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