Heating a swimming pool with renewables

As energy costs continue to rise, you may feel your swimming pool is getting very expensive to heat but have you thought of installing a heat pump?

Using a heat pump to warm swimming pools provides a renewable, low carbon solution to keeping your pool water at the right temperature for a pleasant swim.
Heat pumps, as well as being a green and renewable energy solution, will also save you money. Each kilowatt of energy your heat pump uses will create up to 6kW of heat to warm your pool water, making a heat pump up to 80% cheaper than traditional fossil-fuelled systems.

If you are considering installing a renewable energy heat source for your swimming pool heating, powering its filtration system or heating the poolside showers, please give us a call we can design a renewables proposal for your needs.

Carbon Neutral Heating

Although air-source heat pumps are initially costly to install, they will soon begin to save you money, requiring far less gas or electricity than a traditional heating system. 

A little electricity is required to run the air source heat pump, but when a solar panel is installed in the swimming pool system, the running costs fall further. Air source heat pumps require far less maintenance than a traditional boiler system. 

Heat Pump swimming pool
Heat Pump swimming pool

The science behind heat pumps?

  • The heat pump draws in outside air and passes it over an evaporator coil radiator. 
  • The coil contains liquid refrigerant, which absorbs the heat from the outside air, turning the liquid into a gas. 
  • The temperature of the gas is increased in a compressor.
  • The hot gas then passes through a condenser. The condenser transfers the created heat of the gas to the cooler pool water circulating through the filtration and pumping system.

Heating efficiency

Swimming pool heat pumps will work efficiently, providing that the outside temperature is above 6 degrees centigrade. For outdoor pools in the UK this system can work well during the spring, summer and autumn months.
It is good to keep your outdoor pool covered when not in use, as 80% of pool heat loss occurs from surface evaporation. If your swimming pool does not have a cover supplied, a separate solar cover would be a worthwhile investment.

Large Pools

Ground source heat pumps are worth considering if you plan to heat a larger commercial swimming pool with renewable energy. Ground loops have a lifetime of 100+ years, and the heat pump unit has a warranty of 7 years – whilst lasting an average of 20+ years. 

Sustainable Swimming

Heating a large or commercial pool by a heat pump, whether air source or ground, gives your business green, sustainable credentials, not to mention lower operating costs and a heating system designed to last with minimal maintenance or servicing needs.

A renewable energy professional must offer you a solution specific to your pool size. A heat pump is sized according to the pool’s surface area, volume, and the difference in air and swimming pool temperature. Other factors need to be considered for outdoor pools, such as night-time temperatures and wind exposure, so please call us for a quote. We are happy to help.

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