Case Study: Solar PV Panels & Battery – solar panel installers Cheshire Congleton

Case Study:Home Solar PV & Battery

Customer: Family of Four

Property: Modern Detached House

Location: Congleton, Cheshire


Independence from the grid, green energy and significant savings with solar panels and integrated battery.

Why did the customer wish to install Solar PV Panels and a battery?

Sustainability Solutions are respected solar panel installers in Cheshire. The householder wished to enable savings by using solar-generated electricity to run their home and charge their electric car. In addition, incorporating an electric battery into the system would allow them to continue to power the home in the evenings and give them a significant degree of independence from the national grid.

The customer also wished to buffer against the uncertain price of electricity costs, so generating and storing their own electricity through green, renewable technology seemed a perfect solution.

Case Study Solar PV and Batter Installation Congleton 15
SES Solar panels during installation
5kw Solar inverter mounted in the loft space
A practical and green solution to household generating electricity

The addition of battery storage is a natural addition to solar electric (PV) panels. Modern batteries are attractive and efficient units which connect to the solar panels and household system by an electrical inverter.

Once installed and set up, the system runs automatically and is virtually maintenance-free. In addition, the energy use and the charge state of the battery can be viewed via a smartphone APP.

Any electrical power generated by the solar roof panels that is not immediately required can be stored in the battery for use in the evenings and throughout the night. 

Sustainability Solutions chose to install a weatherproof 5kW Puredrive battery, which was mounted on an outdoor exterior wall.

I was very impressed with the system design, and it is already producing very significant savings on our energy bills. The Sustainability Solutions team were friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. They completed the installation, leaving the areas very tidy.”

I chose Sustainability Solutions because they were local suppliers who have a reputation to uphold, and should any problems occur with the system, I know I can rely on them to respond quickly.

Energy savings and real-world use (May 2022)

The customer has reported the system is working very efficiently. For example, their energy readings between Saturday morning and Monday evening indicated that they used less than £1.00 purchased electricity from their energy supplier; everything else was solar energy.

They found that when the sun sets, as long as their 5kWh battery is around 60% full, they can easily power the house during the evening and overnight purely on stored energy. 

The family electric car is also charged from solar-electric power, significantly reducing its carbon footprint

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