Case Study: Stepping Hill Hospital EV Charge Points

Case Study: Electric fleet charging for NHS Trusts

Completed: March 2022

Client: Wardens Construction – Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Number of Points: Capacity for 24x 7.4KW charge points (type 2 charging).

Location: Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, Cheshire.

Budget: £75,000

Services Used

Dedicated EV charging bays for Stockport NHS Trust’s growing electric fleet.


Stepping Hill Hospital services people from Stockport and the High Peak. The project transformed an area of the hospital near the laundry into a large EV parking/charging facility for use by the Stockport NHS Trust Estate’s internal vehicles.


Stockport NHS Trust is committed to achieving a carbon neutral status by 2040. Our brief was to create EV charge points in dedicated parking bays for use by the Stockport NHS Trust Estates internal vehicles.

Project Process:

During meetings with the client, we considered all options to use the available power supply and designed a solution to supply up to twenty-four charge points.

We also considered the traffic flow in the proposed charging bay area and that part of the hospital grounds. The design needed to accommodate the movement and charging of both cars and small, large, and long-backed vans.

We demonstrated how we could design the power load through a ‘back-office’ system, enabling effective vehicle charging within the allotted time schedules required.

The available power is distributed automatically and dynamically between the charge units using dynamic load balancing, enabling the EV charge units to utilise all available electrical capacity from the building.

All connected Fleet vehicles can be charged simultaneously or via a schedule.

EV Chargers for fleet solutions:

We selected to use charging units manufactured by EO because of their durability and track record in delivering a charging solution tailored for fleet operations. 

We created a secure charging network only available for approved vehicles within the fleet. The back-office suite monitors all usage consumption with detailed reporting.

electric EV fleet charging NHS
electric EV fleet charging NHS
Proposal & results

We created a charging facility which was both practical and safe, suitable for the hospital’s growing fleet of electric vehicles and vans which it uses for transporting goods such as prescriptions, mail and pathology samples to and from the hospital.

NHS EV charging installation
What did the client think of the installation?

The installation of charge points to support our growing electrical fleet is an essential part of our Green Plan to become a carbon-neutral Trust.

We want to reduce pollution, improve sustainability and help the NHS reach its goal of becoming the first health service in the world to achieve Net-Zero.

Stockport NHS Trust now has the infrastructure to charge twenty-four internal vehicles.

The system is very well designed, and the installation and handover went smoothly.

Wayne Barron

Capital Projects Manger 
Stockport NHS Trust

EV stepping hill hospital electric van