Heating your office with an air heat pump

Sustainability credentials, a reduction in energy bills and a place on the zero-carbon roadmap  – are just three reasons why companies and local authorities look to renewable energy heating for their building. 

Using a renewable source of heating forms part of a company’s sustainability or net-zero roadmap. Renewable energy heating is a long term and very worthwhile investment.

We are experts in this sector and can advise you on the best renewable sources for your building.

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heat your office with air pump

Air source heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling purposes. Depending on the model, they can provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. For effective cooling in the summer months just check that the COP rating of your air source heat pump is above 0.7. this ensures an effective cooling function.

Key Advantages of air heat pumps:

Low carbon footprint
Reduced energy bills
Can be used for heating and cooling
Low maintenance
Long life span

Visually, a heat pump looks a lot like a standard air-conditioning unit, and the amount of heat it can generate depends on its size. For most residential buildings in the UK, a single unit is more than sufficient to provide heating throughout the year. For commercial buildings, however,  more than one unit will be required. Alternatively a larger, more powerful commercial design can be installed.

Is your building suitable for a commercial air source heat pump?

Some buildings are more suitable for air pumps as a heat source. Generally suitability relates to how well your building holds in heat.

1. How old is the property? (an old building with poor insulation is less efficient for a heat pump, but there are still times when a heat pump can be used)
2. What existing heating system do you have in place? (some installations can use existing pipework previously used by boilers)
3. How well insulated is the property?

Another factor which will be considered when assessing your building is your existing radiator system. Air source heat pumps run heated water at a slightly lower temperature than traditional boilers, meaning sometimes traditional radiators (used to disperse the warmth around the building) may need to be replaced with more efficient radiators designed for a renewable energy heating system.

If you are considering renewable energy heat for your commercial space or office, please get in touch on 01625 919 262 and ask to speak to one of our renewable heating specialists.

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