How many solar panels are needed to power a commercial building?

Do you know how many solar panels are needed to power a commercial building?

Accurately calculating how many commercial solar panels you need likely exceeds any online app’s capabilities. Meel Group are here to help with an accurate proposal.

There are several real-world examples which help you understand what solar-generated electricity can do for your company (see below in this article), but every company’s requirements are pretty unique – resulting from their building size, roof space orientation, energy consumption profile & working hours.

Expert solar photovoltaic system designers

The accurate solution is to arrange for a commercial solar panel system designer to propose the most appropriate & efficient combination of PV panels and solar batteries for your needs. The survey will show panel number, capacity and the number of batteries & inverters, efficiency, monthly energy savings, carbon footprint reduction and return on investment in years.


Solar PV solution example:

Case Example: Medium-sized company


72x Solar PV Panels (roof-mounted)

3x Inverters

3x 23kWh Batteries (total 69 kWh storage)

Key Advantages:

  • Annual Carbon Footprint reduced by 6.86 tonnes
  • Amount of yearly green electricity now used from onsite production 65.39% (22.86 kWh)
  • Monthly savings on current electrical bill £534*
  • Increased green credentials and an active sustainability policy.

(*ROI calculated on January 2023 electrical costs) 

Your local commercial PV & solar battery system designers.

We are based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and cover the North West region, helping our clients transition to a lower carbon and less expensive way of powering their business. We are helping our clients move to a sustainable low carbon energy solution in East Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Manchester and the surrounding areas. 

We are trusted by Health Authorities, Councils, School Trusts and Universities.

Click below to download our PDF guide to Solar PV as part of your sustainability policy

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