Electric Vehicle Charging Installation


Helping our customers transition to an electric future

At Meel Group, our EV team are experts in providing electric vehicle charge point installations of all sizes, ranging from small workplace charging to state-of-the-art fleet and public charge point solutions.

We offer sound advice during the quote, planning and installation and provide all the aftercare you may need. We are a NICEIC-approved contractor accredited by the UK government’s OLEV scheme.

Workplace Fleet & public buildings

Workplace EV charging

The UK is committed to ‘the road to zero’ ensuring that all cars manufactured after 2030 are electric only and that businesses have a net zero carbon target of 2050

An active Sustainability Policy has become an essential part of business, showing your green credentials to maintain a position within a supply chain. Encouraging your employees to use electric vehicles, offering electric charging to visitors, and transitioning to an electric fleet are essential parts of the road to net zero.

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we have you covered

Service & maintenance

Our Sustainability Solution customers benefit from complete maintenance and support services for the systems we install.

We also provide maintenance and servicing for older systems you may have already.

To keep your EV charger safe and working efficiently, it’s essential that servicing and software updates are carried out according to the manufacturer’s schedule.

Convenient Home Charging

EV charge points for your home

Many companies are now deciding to install EV charge points at their employees' homes.

 Offering this to key staff is a way of reducing the company’s carbon footprint, making sure your sales reps and service staff have charged vehicles each morning. Home-based EV charging also aids employee recruitment and retention.

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EV Charger Maintenance

Ask our engineers

Is it safe to charge my EV from a 3 pin socket?

While it is possible to charge your electric car with the 3-pin plug charger cable that came with your vehicle, it is slow and offers fewer options than a dedicated charge point. The reasons a dedicated charge point is better are:


Charging an electric car requires a high and consistent electric current over a long period. It is generally considered that a standard electrical socket is unsuitable for such a prolonged period of use and may cause overheating of the socket. The condition of your supply and its earthing must also be taken into consideration. A hidden problem could be dangerous and cause damage to your vehicle.

Faster Charging
A 2.3kW 3-pin plug adds around 10 miles of distance to your battery in an hour's charge. In comparison, a typical 7.4kW dedicated charging device will add around 30 miles every hour the car is connected. 

Most EV owners charge overnight with a dedicated wall-mounted device, which means they wake up to a fully charged vehicle every morning and then charge at work to top up their range.

How much does it cost to run an electric vehicle?

While this differs depending on the vehicle, electric cars have much lower running and maintenance costs than petrol or diesel. They have fewer moving parts, do not require oil or filter changes and have zero-rated UK road tax.

Can I install my own EV charge point?

No, you should not install your own electric car charge point. Mains electricity if mishandled can be highly dangerous. We strongly advise against fitting your own EV charge point and instead recommend using an OZEV-approved EV charger installation company such as ourselves, SES. Our engineers are all experienced engineers and are qualified to carry out all the necessary electrical work. They very familiar with the EV chargers themselves and are able to set them up correctly and demonstrate how to use them. Not all electricians are qualified to install an EV Charge point. Please ask to see certification before the work commences.

Which brand of electric charger is best?

At SES installations, we do not restrict ourselves to any particular EV charge point manufacturer. It is a significant advantage as we can recommend the most appropriate EV charger that fits your requirements. For instance, many charge points have lots of hardware and software which enable functions and features you may never use - but are part of the cost of the unit. By selecting a charger for you from a wide range of reputable brands, we can propose a tailored recommendation for you or your company. A customised solution can save you money; moreover, the range of units and what each can do, is expanding all the time and we are constantly reviewing new models and brands.

Are there grants available?

The government standard grant to homeowners is no longer active. Domestic flats and apartments can receive help with costs.

Companies installing EV charging at work can still receive up to £350 per charging point. Please ask us for details - we are approved installers.

Brand Agnostic approach

Designing your charging solution

To provide our customers with the best EV charging solution for their circumstances, we work with a broad span of manufacturers and brands.

This gives us an extensive range of EV charging hardware to choose from. As a result, we are confident that we can provide an electric car charger installation that is perfect for your needs.

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