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Charge Point Installation - OLEV approved installers

With our headquarters in Macclesfield, Cheshire, we are OLEV approved installers and cover all of the northwest. We are your local, friendly, independent EV charge point installers helping businesses of all sizes.

At Meel Group, we are not tied to any single manufacturer and can offer you the best solution to meet your needs and budget. Our EV charging designers and installers are fully qualified and experienced in all types of business EV solutions.

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Workplace Charging

The UK is committed to ‘the road to net-zero’ ensuring that all cars manufactured after 2030 are electric only. Providing charging facilities for staff, clients and visitors has many advantages and shows your company's green credentials.

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Keep your vehicle fleet ready for work

Transitioning your fleet to electric has many advantages, including the benefits of just 2% BiK tax for EV company cars provided to your employees. Designing fleet charging solutions that integrate intelligently with your company's available power distribution is one of our strengths.

destination charging

Generate footfall and charger revenue

We can transform any location, from car parks to retail, into an electric vehicle charging destination. An EV charge point can literally put your business on the map. Make stopping at your business part of the customer's journey.

workplace EV installation

Hybrid Services Ltd. Cheshire.

They took the time to really understand our requirements and presented a practical solution that matched our needs and budget. They carried out the work to an excellent stand, and we are over the moon with the results

Managing Director Hybrid Services
EV Charge Point home cheshire

Domestic EV Charger Installation

I recently used the Meel Group to install an Electrical Vehicle charging point on my driveway. I approached them because they are local to my area but I was, however, very impressed with their deep knowledge of EV charging. I was shown how to use the charger and they made sure they answered all of my questions I have no problem recommending them to anyone wishing to have an EV charger installed.

Cheshire Peter Wain

Sandon Global Commercial Installation

We felt in safe hands with the type of EV charging panels selected and how they were integrated into our electrical distribution, designed for our current needs and any future expansion. The installation went very smoothly, and we are delighted with the results.

Managing Director Richard Millington

Complete EV installation project management

We have the expertise to manage your entire EV charge point installation. As the main contractor, we will provide an efficient turnkey solution encompassing all related engineering and electrical work from the initial design to organising supply upgrades and commissioning the charge points. We will take care of every detail.

EV charge point installation only

If you require an EV charging installation as part of a construction project, you can rely on our team to step in and work effectively alongside all other project teams on site. As experienced electrical installers, we’ve worked on a wide variety of project sites, large and small. Every Meel Group engineer is committed to safe working practices.

EV Installation Team Planning grants workplace

EV Planning with expert teams

All our installations are planned & designed by our specialist EV charge point team, who have in-depth knowledge of the sector. 

Our experience at Meel Group covers EV destinations, workspaces, car parks, fleet management, new residential developments, and charging networks.

All work follows the IET Code of Practice for electric vehicle charging, covering the entire process from survey to completion. In addition, our engineers hold City and Guilds higher level installation certification, test and inspection accreditations, and the dedicated City and Guilds EV charging qualifications for commercial and domestic installations.

SES ev energy monitoring

Smart technologies & scalable systems

All our EV charging solutions are scalable. With an ever-growing range of options available, we will ensure that you have a system that gives you the technology you need right now but can also evolve as your requirements change.

As the customer, you will have complete control over who uses your charge points, how they use them, and the cost of any tariff you set. The technology is cloud-based and accessed by a web browser or phone APP.

EV charging station technology opportunities

With today’s EV charging technology you can:

  • Track and manage usage with robust access controls
  • Set variable pricing for different user groups
  • Monitor and manage charge points remotely
  • Maximise fleet efficiency with detailed driver and vehicle data and insights
  • Demonstrate green impact with reports on CO2 emission savings
  • Manage power demand on-site with load balancing systems
  • Integrate charge point software with back-office and finance systems.
EV Charge Point business opportunities

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Meet our EV clients

government grants for EV

EV installation grants

There are two government grants currently to help with EV installation for businesses. One covers the infrastructure, and the other covers the charge point hardware and installation.  

They can give you substantial savings in implementing your sustainability policy.

Together, these grants contribute substantially to your transition to a carbon-neutral business.

We are OZEV approved installers covering Cheshire, Staffordshire, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

SES engineering ev team

Business EV grant details

  1. The EV Infrastructure Grant for Staff and Fleets covers EV infrastructure and power distribution. If you are an SME with under 250 employees, this grant allows you to claim up to £500 per charge point. Each business can claim for up to 5 sites, and each site’s grant has a £5000 cap (or 75% of costs). Learn More


  2. The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant contributes up to £350 per socket to help with the purchase and installation of EV charge points. There is a grant cap of £14,000 / 40 charge points. Learn More

EV charging as part of your sustainability policy.

We’ll talk to you about how the technology can support your goals, and identify the best solutions from the products available. We can also take you through the process of obtaining government grants for electric charging points.

Moving towards a net zero carbon footprint is something on the agenda for every UK company. Read our guide to five things your company can do to reduce their carbon footprint.


We do not restrict ourselves to any particular EV charge point manufacturer; this is a significant advantage as we can recommend the most appropriate EV charger that fits your requirements. For instance, many charge points have lots of hardware and software which enable functions and features you may never use – but are part of the cost of the unit. By selecting a charger from a wide range of reputable brands, we can propose a tailored recommendation for your company. A customised solution can save you money; moreover, the range of units and what each can do is expanding all the time, and we are constantly reviewing new models and brands.

The Benefit in Kind Tax (BiK) is now set at 2%, substantially lower than the fossil fuel vehicle rate.

An EV infrastructure grant gives you money off the cost of wider building and installation work that’s needed to install multiple charge point sockets. The work can be for sockets you want to install now and in the future. For example, an EV infrastructure grant can cover things like wiring and posts. You can get up to £30,000 or 75% off the cost of the work. The amount depends on how many parking spaces the work covers. You can receive up to 30 grants a year for installing infrastructure in residential carparks. Lean More

We are OZEV approved installers for electric vehicle charge points. This means we are approved by the government as installers and it allows our clients to claim the grant help currently available.  Grant application is straight forwards and we help our clients through this process.

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is the UK government body supporting the transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). Being OZEV-approved means, we can install EV charge points for our clients who are taking advantage of the significant grants the government provides.  We regularly install EV solutions for businesses across the Northwest region. Including Cheshire, Greater Manchester, North Staffordshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

Why are commercial EV installations different to domestic ones?

While the technology may look similar, when designing EV charging systems for businesses, there is a lot more to be considered.  Our engineers are very experienced in designing effective commercial charging systems.

How many and what type of vehicles will require charging?
Does the company require rapid and fast charging as well as standard?
How much surplus power is available at different times of the day?
Does the company wish to set varied tariffs, or will all charging be free?
Is future-proof expansion required?

Our engineers consider many more points when designing workplace installations that ensure they offer an appropriate solution.

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