Heat Pumps transfer heat from the outside world into your building

Green solutions for a sustainable future

A technology that has been evolving for over 100 years

Heat pumps work through every season to supply heat to your home or business.

Heat pumps work by transferring thermal energy from a cooler space, either from the ground or the air, to a warmer space, like your home. The warm air produced can be used to heat your rooms and can also provide hot water for domestic use. At Sustainability Solutions we install both air-source and ground-source heat pumps.

Warming your building

Air Source Heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are an efficient and eco-friendly way of heating your building and hot water. Heat pumps do not require the burning of fossil fuels in order to work and deliver more heat energy than the electricity they consume.

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Warming your building

Ground Source heat pumps

The ground is a good source of consistent heat energy. Why not take advantage of this free heat source and install a ground pump to heat your building or home. The network of pipes may be installed horizontally or, if outside space is restricted, vertically. Once installed, they require very little maintenance.

Renewable Heat Incentive Grants

Are domestic grants available?

In England and Wales, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) can help homeowners with the upfront costs of installing a heat pump. Renewable energy products and their installation are now zero VAT rated.

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Ask our engineers

Is a heat pump suitable for every home?

New builds and newly renovated properties are designed with high energy efficiency in mind and would be usually be suitable for heat pump installation. Before installing a heat pump, our engineer will visit and assess your home for suitability and provide you with not only an installation estimate but also an idea of your expected energy costs.

A heat pump can be installed to heat older buildings; however, if you have an older property with poor or less effective insulation, the insulation levels may need to be improved for the system to be effective.
The benefits of installing a heat pump are very much connected to a building’s ability to retain heat; we assess the heat retention of your building during our survey.
The running costs of a heat pump will vary from property to property.

Is it expensive to install a heat pump?

While a heat pump costs more than a traditional gas-powered boiler, a heat pump will recover its cost over time due to its low operating costs. There are also government grants available to help with purchase costs

Will I have to improve my home insulation?

Yes, good insulation is key to making heat pumps cost-effective. Heat pumps work best when a sustained lower water temperature is circulated through the heating system. This continual output coupled with excellent insulation keeps your home warm and cosy throughout the day.

Is there a grant available to help purchase a heat pump?

Grants are available at present in the UK. Please click this link for the domestic and business renewable energy grants. SES are here to make the process of grants an easy one. 

Will my electricity bill increase?

Your heat pump runs on electricity, so a rise in your electricity bill can be expected. However, it is important to consider the fact that your gas or heating bill will be lower.
It is always worth bearing in mind that, once installed, unlike a traditional gas boiler, a heat pump requires very little maintenance. An air or ground heat pump produces an output of heat energy greater than the amount of electricity they use.

Renewable solutions for your building

Working with experts

We are accredited installers of the leading brands of heat pumps in the UK. We provide design, installation and aftercare services to the manufacturers’ specifications.