Battery power storage for your building


Storing your renewable energy for when you need it most

Electricity from your solar panels can be stored in compact and efficient batteries, allowing you to draw on this power after the sun has set.

Battery technology has become very advanced and is an increasingly popular option to extend the use of your solar electricity. In addition, battery systems now integrate with your energy supplier, allowing you to store the discounted energy they make available at night, and use it during the day.

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Take control of your energy

Use more of your solar panel electricity - a typical building with no battery uses 30% of what is generated by solar PV panels; the rest is sent to the national grid. A solar battery stores this energy and allows you to use it efficiently onsite.

We are approved installers

We are accredited by MCS - the standards organisation for low-carbon products and installations within the UK. Membership of the MCS shows our adherence to industry standards, highlighting our quality, experience and skill.

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Increased independence from the grid

Avoid peak priced tariffs. Smart Battery Technology can automatically charge your battery from the grid at times of day and night when tariffs are at their lowest, enabling you to use this lower-priced electricity at any time.

How does
a battery integrate into my system?

Sustainability Solutions can install a battery with intelligent technology that seamlessly integrates into your electrical system, storing your supplier's lowest tariff rate power or surplus solar electricity. Its innovative technology takes care of everything automatically; you can relax and enjoy substantial savings.

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If you already have solar PV panels on your roof, they may have been designed to be compatible with battery storage, in which case adding one should be an easy option.

Older systems often require the invertor to be replaced with one suitable for batteries. We will explain all the options and costs in our survey.

  • Batteries are available in various capacities.
  • Several can be installed for increased storage.
  • Options from a wide range of top battery manufacturers.
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Protects against power cuts and gives you increased independence from the National Grid.

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Modern battery design

Modern batteries are attractively designed and very safe; they can be installed in or outdoors.

Moreover, they work seamlessly with your electrical system, saving you money and greater independence from the National Grid.

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Approved installer

We select the most appropriate battery technology for your system from a wide range of top manufacturers.

We are certified installers for many brands, including the British battery manufacturer Pure Drive.

Battery systems use AI and Smart technology to automatically take care of your energy, storing surplus from your panels when available and topping up with the lowest price tariffs from your supplier during the night.

APPs allow you to monitor this process and see the system status.

Intelligent battery systems integrate with renewable energy suppliers such as Octopus Energy, which has super off-peak electricity tariffs, can purchase any surplus electricity you produce. 

Take control of your electricity with a modern, efficient and well-designed battery storage system.

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Businesses, Public & Commerical Buildings

Solar Panels should be considered when forming your energy strategy. Your building could utilise a 100% renewable energy source – generating cost-efficient electricity and solar heating onsite.  

Solar can be a significant contribution toward your company’s Net-Zero target. Options are also available for 3-phase systems.

We are here to design and install your solar PV system. Our engineers are here to monitor and service your system, ensuring maximum efficiency.

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Sustainable Advantages

Lower your electricity costs, mitigate against energy price volatility and reduce reliance on grid energy by generating your own electricity onsite.

Gain budget stability through predictable electricity costs and accurate forecasting of operating expenses.

Generate revenue by selling excess solar energy to the grid.

Improve reliability and resilience by using stored solar energy to provide interrupted power when the grid is down.

Producing your own solar-generated electricity can be a significant contribution to your company’s Net-Zero target.

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Ask our battery experts

Lithium-ion batteries are the modern solution for battery storage integrated into a solar panel system. They are safe, efficient and durable,

The decision to install solar batteries is not just a financial one.
A Solar Battery will help you store your surplus solar energy and use that stored energy when the sun isn’t out, significantly reducing your reliance on the National Grid for electricity.
The batteries also allow you to take full advantage of the lowest cost tariffs from your energy supplier.

Installing a battery into an existing solar PV system is perfectly possible.
If your inverter is not designed to work with battery storage, this element may need replacing; we can assess this when surveying your existing system. We take care of all aspects of the upgrade and discuss all the available options with you.

Solar batteries are available in various sizes, commonly for domestic use 5KWh, 10KWh, and 20KWh versions are available, and larger capacities are achieved by installing multiple units.

We install batteries which can be mounted inside a building or home or can be installed outdoors, on an external wall. They are enclosed and attractive modern units.

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